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Full Service Marketing Communications Agency

We create buzz that influences behavior, builds relationships and impacts the bottom line. 

award winning service

The McRae Agency is a full-service marketing communications and branding firm founded in 1995 based in Scottsdale, Arizona. We have worked with clients in a variety of industries including consumer products and technology with a focus on new product and service launches. As a “generalist” firm, we are able to offer a diverse set of media relationships and professional contacts. Best of all, we have a unique perspective not limited to the thinking of one particular niche field. We don’t view the world through a single-focus lens, but rather a kaleidoscope of limitless creative and strategic opportunities. The McRae Agency is a “boutique” style firm that is able to offer the broad experience of a large agency while maintaining the level of service expected from a smaller shop. The McRae Agency consistently provides clients with the creative, “out-of-the-box” thinking required in the demanding local, national and worldwide marketplaces, while remaining strategic and long-range in its approach to client objectives.

Cut Out - Same Color

about our team

The McRae Agency’s in-house public relations specialists work as a team on client projects, allowing for a constant influx of creative ideas through collective brainstorming. The streamlined, efficient account team structure allows for faster project turn-around due to the absence of time-consuming approval loops and other red-tape procedures. We keep our overhead low so that more of the client’s budget is put directly toward marketing initiatives, resulting in added value. The McRae Agency is also able to offer a “team on demand” through strategic alliances with professionals, such as specialty freelance writers, media training specialists, SEO experts, product photographers and award-winning graphic designers, who can contribute their skills on an as-needed basis for client projects. Working with subcontractors enables us to maintain practical, manageable overhead, while allowing the luxury of choosing from the finest professionals in each field.

what sets us apart?

top level involvement

Unlike principals at many large agencies, Beth McRae, is fully involved in each of The McRae Agency’s accounts. Her vast client experience is an asset many similar-sized agencies are not in a position to provide. By avoiding the “bait-and-switch” approach typical of larger organizations, clients can be certain that their projects are benefiting from the expertise of an industry professional with a proven track record, backed by a talented team. The office is led by Beth McRae, who has worked for more than 30 years in the public relations industry, an uncommon tenure in this field. Additionally, she has an MBA which is unusual in her industry. 

Beth McRae’s background stems from years at one of the world’s largest agencies, McCann, where she worked on numerous national brands, providing excellent results.

At McCann, she noticed that at initial client meetings, the agency heads would turn out to secure the business but then the client never saw them again. Work was relegated to junior-level people. She has made a promise to her clients at The McRae Agency to never let that happen. She is actively involved in all clients so that they have the benefit of her 30-year experience in building brands.

Rarely do other agencies provide direct access to the CEO/president on a regular basis. It’s usually “bait and switch.” Unlike many other agencies, we are highly responsive and can turn things around on a dime. Additionally, each of us is Google Ads Certified, enabling us to provide the best possible digital service to our clients.

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