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The Most Important Social Media Metrics

The Most Important Social Media Metrics

Social media platforms are a wonderful resource to build buzz and awareness around your brand and what you can offer to your audience! The data that comes from people liking, sharing or even looking at your content online is a good indicator of whether your marketing efforts are being seen and heard positively.

Here are a few types of metrics you should be paying closest attention to:


This is probably the most important metric. Engagement metrics tell you how many people are interacting with your content and how they’re doing so. These metrics include likes, comments, shares, clicks, saves, etc.

If the content on your social media page is engaging and interesting, or relevant to your audience, they will like or comment to interact with the posts. Along the way, this will tell you what content performs the best and worst with your audience on the platform.

Engagement metrics also measure how well your brand awareness is being presented to your target audience on social media. If you are acquiring a lot of likes and shares, chances are your brand’s content and mission are being presented in a valuable way with the proper demographics.


Awareness metrics measure the impressions and reach of your content.

Impressions represent how often your post is shown on someone’s feed, while reach reflects the number of people who are seeing your posts. And higher it is, the better.

This metric speaks to your overall ability to connect with your existing audience and a new, broader audience. That’s why content is king and creating valuable, high-quality content is extremely important for social media marketing.

Follower Rates:

Nobody wants a stagnant social media page. Follower growth is essential to social success and should be examined both day-to-day and over time to determine how well your page is resonating with your target audience.

You can easily view your growth (or decline) in follower rates on the built-in analytics pages within each channel.

Overall, many factors play into social media marketing success. Posting at the peak times for each social media platform, using proper hashtags and creating consistent, interesting content and graphics are the best ways to reach your social media metric goals.

Social media is a fun and endless opportunity for getting creative in how you present your brand and the great things it entails.

If you are seeking external help on content creation and social media marketing management, our experts at the McRae Agency are more than happy to help improve your brand awareness and engagement. Contact us at

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