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Revamp Your Online Presence With Three Simple Steps

Having strong, functional and neatly designed websites and social media platforms are likely the biggest ways to successfully achieve reaching your business’s audience. As more people are spending increased amounts of time online, there’s a growing call for fresh, engaging web design and social media content to keep visitors on your pages.

According to Web Design Experts, it only takes 50 milliseconds for visitors to form an opinion about your website. In this small window of time, they’ll decide whether your site and/or social media pages look professional and whether they want to stay or leave. 94% of visitors will immediately judge your website or social media account based on the aspects of its design.

These 3 emerging trends listed below will help you to make any changes to your site to grow your online engagement and business overall:

1. Avoid stock imagery and instead, use eye-catching pictures that match your brand’s color scheme. We recommend doing this specifically on the homepage, so your site visitors’ attention will be caught straight away. A beautifully designed website or formatted photo feed is nice to look at and can show a lot of your brand’s personality!

2. Try out bold fonts for the key information and headings on your website to allow for easier reading and a more modern look to your content. When visitors can effortlessly scan the words you’d like for them to read, the message gets through to plenty more people!

3. An easily navigated website and social media page can get your desired point across faster and direct visitors to where they need to go! This is called visual hierarchy, which means creating your online presence to be navigated simply, so visitors know where to look when they’d like to find something specific within the page. There are many ways to implement this, such as making contact information easy to find, properly sizing and spacing text or photo elements and using more-vibrant type colors. Websites or posts that don't focus on visual hierarchy can leave people confused and cause them to abandon their visit.

With these simple tips, your website and social media platforms will be well on their way to grow your business and give visitors a wonderful experience. If you need additional help and would like to hire our team of social media marketing professionals at The McRae Agency, please contact us at (480) 990-0282 or



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