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Cut Out - Same Color


Robin Graber Headshot_edited_edited.jpg

Robin Graber works as a Public Relations Manager at The McRae Agency, where her expertise shines in crafting compelling narratives. With experience in social media marketing, writing and distributing press releases, pitching feature stories, designing digital newsletters and expanding social media presence across diverse sectors, Robin is a valuable asset to her clients. Her passion for storytelling and adeptness at navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape make her indispensable at McRae.


Armed with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science complemented by minors in Economics and International Relations, Robin brings a unique perspective to her role. Her academic background provides a deep understanding of global markets and business dynamics, enriching her strategic approach. This insight enables her to tailor campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences, driving impactful results and helping her clients stand out in a competitive market.


In her spare time, Robin Graber extends her expertise as a social media manager through freelancing for two notable trade publications: Retrofit and Retrofit Home. Leveraging her proficiency in crafting engaging narratives and navigating digital landscapes, Robin curates compelling content and spearheads strategic social media campaigns for these platforms. Her dedication to staying ahead of industry trends and fostering meaningful engagement allows her to effectively connect with audiences and drive impactful results. 

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