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Convincing Coverage: A Guide to Pitching the Media

A media pitch is a short email that outlines the focus and importance of a story. This email is sent to either a journalist or editor of a magazine, newspaper or online media source. The goal of sending this email is to spark the journalist’s interest and secure earned media, the most credible way to reach your target audience and share your brand’s news.

Ask yourself these questions when creating your pitch topic:

  1. Is it timely?

  2. Is it local?

  3. Is it impactful?

  4. Is there a compelling angle?

Do you have interesting news you’d like to share but aren't sure how to break it down into a pitch? Or, do you need help finding journalists and publications that are relevant to your industry?

At the McRae Agency, we’ve been building buzz and securing earned media for clients big and small since 1995. Our personalized approach of media list curation and passion for communication and marketing strategy will help your business reach its full potential and raise awareness for your brand, through various media connections and relationship building.

To learn more about how we can help, contact us at (480) 990-0282 or

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