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A blog is the perfect outlet for any topic and for any reason. Reading blogs can be fun and so can writing them! You have a story that everybody wants to hear, but how do you get people to your blog? The perfect blog post is about more than just great content. Follow this simple how-to guide for writing the perfect blog post for any experienced writer.

Begin your writing process by creating bullet points and deciding what your main points will be. What do you want your audience to know? You can then add details to each one.

Google and research relevant information on each point, keeping tabs open for easy referencing. Always make sure to give credit if borrowing information from others!

Then, take all your bullets, combine them with your research and begin to write out your rough draft.

Add non-word items to your blog like pictures, relevant quotes, links, etc.

Leave the blog with a question to keep your audience thinking. For example, what else do you think you could do to write a perfect blog?

how to guide for writing a perfect blog post with seo tips

Choose a featured photo that will catch the reader’s attention and is related to the blog.

Optimize the blog for SEO. There are four essential places where you should try to include your keywords: title tag, headers & body, URL, and meta description.

Title Tag- The title is your headline for the blog post and your first chance to grab the  audience’s attention. Make sure your “title tag” has your keywords in the first 60 characters. Mention your keywords throughout your body and in the headers naturally with important information, but don’t go overboard.

Url- you will have to opportunity to personalize your url, make it count by incorporating 1-2 keywords.

Meta Description – this is what gives search engines and audiences a glimpse into your blog before clicking. Make sure your keywords are there as well as a short summary of what is in your blog. Bring your audience in with this.

Last, observe your analytics on previous blog posts. Check to see when your users are most active and publish your posts in this time frame.

  • Pro Tip! – Always make sure to link to your social media accounts.

With millions of accounts on the app, creating engaging content is very important in order to stand out. Learn how to tell your company’s story through captivating photos, videos and captions.

Follow these 9 ways to creating better social media posts.


Most important of all, give your content variety. Don’t post the same type of photo everyday. Whether you are posting a product or sharing information, always mix it up!

2) Canva

Canva makes it quick and easy to create branded images while maintaining consistent brand aesthetic.  You can design anything on this site. Just choose a pre-designed Instagram template and customize the font and/or color to make it your own.

3) Photo Editors

Put your best photo forward with photo editing. Some photos are just a little too dark, soft or simply need a boost. Perfect your photos with better lighting, contrast, frames and filters. Using photo editors will help your page stand out.

4) Quotes & Tips

Share inspirational quotes and tips specific for your audience. There are an endless number of options, so you will never run out of ideas.

5) Linked Articles

Have you recently posted a blog to your website? Or, have you found an article interesting that your audience would enjoy? Share these articles to your Instagram bio or use the swipe up option on Instagram stories. This is a great way to bring your audience to your website.

6) Infographics

Do you want to share information from a long article? Use an infographic! The goal is to use few words, bright colors, images or logos, in an organized graphic with various sized boxes, bubbles, charts, etc.,to creatively and visually share the information to your audience in a smaller space.

7) Color Schemes

Giving your social media page a 3-4 color scheme will bring a more cohesive look to the layout. When you choose to use filters for your photos, use the same one on all of your photos to keep the flow.

8)Engage the Audience

You can’t increase your engagement unless you actually engage your audience. Use tagged photos from your audience as content and tag them! Try hashtag campaigns, giveaways, and posts asking for a response.  

     9. Acknowledge important days

Whether it’s a holiday, or important day in your brand, share content geared towards that.

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