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The McRae Agency’s 8 Tips for Pitch Perfect PR

PR is a grind. It involves constant rejection–or even worse, silence. If you are having trouble trying to master your media pitches, follow these eight curated tips for Pitch Perfect PR.


1. Do your research. Make sure that the writer you are contacting is relevant to what you are pitching and the pitch related to what they typically cover. We recommend taking time to read something that your target recently wrote and make sure to include a little detail pertaining to that, as it helps to build a relationship immediately. 


2. Avoid clickbait or pushy titles. The subject lines should be descriptive and to-the-point, avoiding hyperbole, buzzwords and excessive capitalization. Using titles like this will make the writer think you’re a bot. Instead, try phrases like “Exclusive” or “New Study” as they have been shown to have great success.


3. Provide structure. Include in your pitch, relevant links, photos and videos, and offer ideas for other images. And always highlight the value you are providing the publication. Some questions you should answer are:


• Why will my audience be interested in the story?
• Why will this story attract traffic and interest?
• How will this story help me reach my target audience?


4. Data does not lie. The use of data from your content in the subject line is more reliable than a prediction or claim. If you can’t fit it in the subject line, include it in the pitch itself.


5. Be straight and get to the point. Do not make your email or pitch super long. Make sure the reader knows why your story is important within the first sentence. Let’s face it, no PR professional is pitching just for the fun of it – so being upfront and honest will get you instant respect.


6. Say your pitch out loud. It is important that your pitch is authentic. Saying your pitch out loud will help ensure your pitch is considerable and has no grammatical errors.


7. Make sure you have a call to action. Motivate the reader to respond by prompting a proper question. Asking questions with a proper call to action like “Could we schedule an interview?” are more likely to generate a response.


8. Be prepared to follow up. Many of your pitches are very likely to not receive a response. In a follow up email, restate your pitch briefly and offer another fresh idea. In some cases, it might even be appropriate to give the writer a phone call.


With these tips we wish you all the best of luck in formatting your pitches!

If you need additional help and would like to hire our team of PR professionals at The McRae Agency, please contact us at (480) 990-0282 or

The McRae Agency Voted #1 PR Agency by Ranking Arizona – Best of Arizona Businesses 2019


Recently, AZ Big Media’s Ranking Arizona – Best of Arizona Businesses named The McRae Agency the #1 Public Relations firm (with 9 or fewer in the department) in Arizona in 2019!

Ranking Arizona is the largest business poll in Arizona, customers vote on the best companies they recommend doing business with.

We are so proud and honored to be voted #1 in Public Relations. A huge thank you to our clients and supporters who voted for us!


The McRae Agency is a full-service public relations firm with big agency experience and boutique agency service. Founded in 1995, The McRae Agency is led by our fearless leader, Beth McRae. Beth is an unstoppable force in this industry with over 30 years of experience. She has worked with many different clients over the years and has always put an immense effort into the maintenance of her agency and the one-on-one connection with her clients and their brands. Beth has also contributed numerous hours to the community in the form of charitable leadership and hands-on work.


Alongside Beth works our PR Account Manager and Social Media Specialist, Samantha DeRose. Tech savvy and creative, Samantha helps our clients grow their brand and drive sales through a range of PR tools such as press releases, feature stories, case studies, product placement and social media.


At The McRae Agency, we work with clients that are well established and some who are just starting. Our client experience has ranged from WD-40, Nextel/Sprint and Red Bull to KB Home, CBRE, Skanska and Google, as well as many smaller companies. Orchestrating countless award-winning campaigns: To date The McRae Agency has won more than 45 awards. No matter the size of the project or the client, we have a team of highly dedicated and passionate people, circulating a constant stream of creative ideas and calculated strategy. Everything we do is done with the idea of making an impact and it means the world to us that our community recognizes that!


You can check out the Ranking Arizona: Top 10 public relations firms for 2019 article here and the full 2019 Ranking Arizona digital edition here.

A blog is the perfect outlet for any topic and for any reason. Reading blogs can be fun and so can writing them! You have a story that everybody wants to hear, but how do you get people to your blog? The perfect blog post is about more than just great content. Follow this simple how-to guide for writing the perfect blog post for any experienced writer.

Begin your writing process by creating bullet points and deciding what your main points will be. What do you want your audience to know? You can then add details to each one.

Google and research relevant information on each point, keeping tabs open for easy referencing. Always make sure to give credit if borrowing information from others!

Then, take all your bullets, combine them with your research and begin to write out your rough draft.

Add non-word items to your blog like pictures, relevant quotes, links, etc.

Leave the blog with a question to keep your audience thinking. For example, what else do you think you could do to write a perfect blog?

how to guide for writing a perfect blog post with seo tips

Choose a featured photo that will catch the reader’s attention and is related to the blog.

Optimize the blog for SEO. There are four essential places where you should try to include your keywords: title tag, headers & body, URL, and meta description.

Title Tag- The title is your headline for the blog post and your first chance to grab the  audience’s attention. Make sure your “title tag” has your keywords in the first 60 characters. Mention your keywords throughout your body and in the headers naturally with important information, but don’t go overboard.

Url- you will have to opportunity to personalize your url, make it count by incorporating 1-2 keywords.

Meta Description – this is what gives search engines and audiences a glimpse into your blog before clicking. Make sure your keywords are there as well as a short summary of what is in your blog. Bring your audience in with this.

Last, observe your analytics on previous blog posts. Check to see when your users are most active and publish your posts in this time frame.

  • Pro Tip! – Always make sure to link to your social media accounts.

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