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1. Sit down, relax and soul search. Find a productive workspace, brew some coffee and start to think about what career path you want to take. Ask yourself questions about what you are looking for. If you’re in college, but still unsure of what career path you want to take, think about what classes you’re most passionate about and go from there.

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2. Research. Once you have decided on a career that might interest you, use as many resources as you can to learn about that industry. It’s important even if you’re entering in as an intern to know a lot about the field that you are trying to break in to.

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3. Make a resume/cover letter. Make sure that your resume is up-to-date and that you have a good template for your cover letter. Depending on each internship you apply for, your cover letter could change based on the skill set the company requires. Also, make sure to have references handy and to contact them in enough time if a letter of recommendation is required.

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4. Clean up your social media presence. Google yourself and make sure there’s nothing online that could potentially be deemed inappropriate by your future employer. Delete everything that you would have trouble explaining to your conservative grandmother. Always keep in mind the difference between tweeting for professional reasons and for pleasure.

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5. Prepare for interviews. Learn interview etiquette, look up tips online and have your questions prepared. Look up the proper dress code in order to dress for success and utilize sites like Pinterest to organize your resources. Always wear something that is professional, but fits your personality too.

Now that you’re prepared and have done your research, go out and start applying. Stay confident and remember what you’ve learned along the way. Good luck!

5 top spots

For when you want a quick, but healthy lunch: MAD Greens

MAD Greens is the perfect lunch choice. Between the fun menu item names (come on, aren’t you curious as to what the Edgar Allan Poe salad is all about?) and their quick service, it’s hard to beat this place. MAD Greens saw the lack of healthy fast food and pioneered the fast-casual salad restaurant, showing that it is possible to get healthy and flavorful food at the same speed as a burger and fries. Along with salads, MAD Greens has a variety of paninis, wraps, juices and even hummus plates.

We suggest: the Doc Holliday salad—it’s an Arizona exclusive!

For when you’re really craving a burger: Rehab Burger Therapy

Rehab Burger Therapy is a fun, beach-themed burger joint in Scottsdale that is just waiting to take you on a trip down to flavor town! It is definitely the place to take a group of your coworkers for lunch to add some fun to the workday. While they have classic burgers like the Bacon Cheeseburger, they also have options for those who want to take a flavor adventure like the PBJ & Bacon Burger (a burger with peanut butter, grape jelly, bacon and sriracha sauce). Rehab Burger Therapy’s Veggie Burger will have both vegetarians and vegans rejoicing!

We suggest: embrace the beach theme with the Hawaiian Burger

For when you can’t decide if you want Mexican or Asian food: SumoMaya

SumoMaya uses fresh ingredients and the bold flavors of both Latin American and Far East cuisine to create an exciting tapas-inspired experience. Your taste palate is going to expand when you go here for lunch. This is a restaurant that you’re going to want to bring some coworkers along with, as they recommend choosing three to five dishes to really grasp the entirety of their Mexican-Asian fusion concept. From sushi to tacos to noodle dishes, SumoMaya is going to have you wanting to try everything on the menu and will easily become one of your favorite lunch destinations.

We suggest: the Coconut Ahi Tuna Tartar

For when you’re wanting a change of scenery: Zinc Bistro

We know it’s scorching outside, but you’re going to want to keep this one in the back of your mind for when it starts cooling down. Complete with an oyster bar and a cozy garden patio, Zinc Bistro is a Parisian-inspired bistro in Kierland Commons that will transport you straight to the French countryside. You will want to start out with their cheese platter for an appetizer before you dive into their mouth-watering, crispy duck confit—but don’t forget to order a side of truffle and parmesan frites to share with your table!

We suggest: the Crispy Duck Confit sandwich

For when you want some sophisticated bar food: The Vig

If it’s Monday and you’re dreaming of Friday, then the Vig is where you want to go. The Vig is an upscale tavern that makes it perfectly acceptable to indulge in some Friday fun on a Monday afternoon. You’re going to want to dive into their appetizers where they refine the concept of classic bar food for your sophisticated palate. We don’t blame you for wanting to fill up on those appetizers, but don’t forget to browse the rest of their menu which features a fan favorite of grilled fish tacos, a variety of burgers and mouth-watering desserts served in mason jars.

We suggest: the Hot Vings

– Bri Arreguin-Malloy


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