Quick Tips on How to Write a News Release

By: PR Buzz

#68 Write brief tip sheets related to your expertise and use them in your email blasts, your blog, Tweets, etc. You can have them available as free PDF downloads on your site or, if you have a book to sell, give one away as bonus with purchase or as an incentive for signing up for your eNewsletter. Here is an example of one of our tip sheets:

Tips on How to Write a News Release

  • Use the inverted pyramid style: most important facts first
  • Make sure it’s newsworthy, not fluff
  • Write as though you were a journalist (be informative, to the point, avoid flowery language.) Read the local papers and try to emulate journalists’ style of writing.
  • Use a strong lead (opening paragraph)
  • Think of the target audience
  • Use a strong headline (one that makes the reporter want to read on)
  • Double check the details (never give the media information you’re not certain about)
  • Be interesting! Make sure your story is unique and notable. If it’s not, don’t send it!
  • Be sure to include the four basic elements: Who? What? Where? When?
  • Include your contact info (name, phone number, email, etc.)
  • Include the current date
  • Use your company letterhead or logo on top
  • Include a quote from you or client spokesperson (if appropriate)
  • Use research- it plays well with news media
  • Include other experts; they add credibility
  • Include appropriate visuals
  • Label any photos and CDs
  • Proof and triple proof it before you send it out!

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