Pitching Really Does Work

By: PR Buzz

Recently, one of our clients, Scottsdale Lanes, had a message to send out to the local media.  We didn’t just want to send the media a standard sheet of paper that just read Scottsdale Lanes is great.  So, we decided to hand out standard size bowling pins.  You may be thinking, what would anyone do with a bowling pin? Well, I can tell you that this bowling pin made its mark on the media world.

To be honest, these pins were over four pounds each and they weren’t easy to hand out, especially when you had to carry multiples at once.  But these heavy pins were going to be tied in with Scottsdale Lanes, so we continued our trips of dropping the pins off to the Arizona media. 

I waited a week or two before I followed up with the media contacts.  I simply went down the list and emailed the reporters, first asking if they received the pin and then asking if they would like to set up a time to talk to me about Scottsdale Lanes and its newly renovated center.  I am talking not even five minutes went by when responses from various outlets were coming into my inbox with all positive responses.

Long story short, these bowling pins got praises from several top media.  So much praise, that they called me to set up a time to meet at the center.  These four pound bowling pins gave Scottsdale Lanes a name in the ever so popular city of Scottsdale. 

So my advice, pitching is an extremely useful source.  It is an easy way to get the media’s attention, especially when you are original with the message.  Don’t over do it but also be diligent and consistent when following up.  Make sure you always are thinking with your client’s best intentions first and the rest should come easy.  Bowling pins may not be something that the media can use, but the pitch was well thought out, original and straight to the point.

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