The McRae Agency’s 8 Tips for Pitch Perfect PR

The McRae Agency’s 8 Tips for Pitch Perfect PR PR is a grind. It involves constant rejection–or even worse, silence. If you are having trouble trying to master your media pitches, follow these eight curated tips for Pitch Perfect PR.   1. Do your research. Make sure that the writer you are contacting is relevant […]

The McRae Agency Voted #1 PR Agency

The McRae Agency Voted #1 PR Agency by Ranking Arizona – Best of Arizona Businesses 2019 Recently, AZ Big Media’s Ranking Arizona – Best of Arizona Businesses named The McRae Agency the #1 Public Relations firm (with 9 or fewer in the department) in Arizona in 2019! Ranking Arizona is the largest business poll in […]

How-to guide for writing a perfect blog post

A blog is the perfect outlet for any topic and for any reason. Reading blogs can be fun and so can writing them! You have a story that everybody wants to hear, but how do you get people to your blog? The perfect blog post is about more than just great content. Follow this simple how-to guide for writing the perfect blog post for any experienced writer.

The Most Engaged Social Media Referrals

YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn Drive The Most Engaged Social Referrals Danny Wong • Content Marketing, Shareaholic Reports  The fact is, many of us spend an egregious amount of time using social media (sharing tweets, commenting on FB posts, etc.). We lose ourselves in our ever updating feeds. The more curious among us even try to quantify the hours and […]

Which rule surprised you most?

Seven Publicity Rules Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know Robert J. Szczerba – Contributor What if you invented a revolutionary product that replaced narcotics to alleviate pain, but you fumbled the public relations (PR) effort and your news got lost in the media echo chamber? Startups and entrepreneurs in almost every industry must confront questions like […]

Happy Halloween!

We’re brewing up some Halloween fun at the office today!  

Help Your Business Grow With Twitter

Using Twitter to Grow Your Business by Caysey Welton | 10/04/2013 Twitter has been grabbing up headlines this week after confirming that the social media platform will soon roll out an IPO. Twitter’s valuation has been fodder for a lot of debate, but from a business owner’s perspective, the platform offers more than just investment […]

The Phoenician Awards

Excited to be here at The Phoenician Awards!  

Do You Consider Yourself A Leader?

How PR students can prove they’re leaders By Michael Keathley | Posted: July 25, 2013 According to The Job Outlook for the College Class of 2013 by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, nearly all of the top 10 bachelor degrees for hiring in the current job market involve leadership ability. Marketing is among those degrees, and PR […]

Great Things Come From Subscribing To The Newspaper

How subscribing to the daily newspaper pays off By Arik Hanson | Posted: September 9, 2013 A little less than a year ago, we started subscribing to the daily newspaper once again. It had been a while since I had last been a subscriber. It wasn’t so much that I had given up on daily news, it […]

What Will You Do This Weekend?

14 Things Successful People Do On Weekends By Jacquelyn Smith, Forbes Staff Spencer Rascoff is only 37. Yet, the Harvard grad and father of three has already accomplished so much. He co-founded and served as a VP for Expedia; he held the roles of CFO, vice president of marketing and COO at Zillow; and in 2008, Rascoff was […]

Make Your Mark On Social Media

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Social Media Profile by Nishant   We are living in 2013 and we are more socially connected than our ancestors. Today, you name it, everything is somehow connected to this social media and its influence can be felt everywhere I won’t be called wrong if I say it […]

You Can Now Share Videos On Instagram!

Instagram announces video sharing; what does it mean for you? By Matt Wilson | Posted: June 21, 2013   The rumblings have been swirling for days, but on Thursday, Instagram made it official that it’ll be offering video sharing in addition to its current photo sharing capabilities. Instagram’s video sharing is almost certainly a response to Twitter’s Vine […]

Ladies of The McRae Agency

The ladies of The McRae Agency dined at Avanti for lunch!

The Importance Behind Hiring a PR Guru

Here we go again: 5 reasons hiring a good PR firm is smart business May 10, 2013 11:34 AM Patrick Ward   I feel like I have this same argument at least twice a year when a disgruntled entrepreneur lambastes PR agencies. And I am invariably bemused when I dig deeper only to find the complainer […]

Don’t Make These Mistakes

5 huge mistakes PR interns should never make By Mickie Kennedy | Posted: May 6, 2013 An internship can be a great way to get your foot in the door in the PR industry, but if you don’t take the right approach, it can also be a sure-fire way to ruin your reputation and kill your career […]

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