Keeping it Real in the Realm of Blog Posts

By: Beth McRae

It can be hard to write blog posts that sound authentic, yet intelligent, and offer value to others. Stream of consciousness and what we had for breakfast just don’t fly as subjects. And, not only should there be value in the post, but it should show some of the author’s unique perspective and personality.

How does one accomplish this in a mere blog post? I don’t have all the answers and sometimes I realize I’m just not that funny or witty when I’m writing, so the logical thing is to put it off, right? When I do that, I just end up hating myself and promising to do a better job tomorrow.

So, that just leaves me with the subject of my cats, which I could write about incessantly. Yes, I am a crazy cat lady. I am currently battling a band of raccoons that are sneaking into my “catio” area to eat my kitties’ food. They are smart, smarter than me, oh yes. After spending a king’s ransom on cat food, only to have it polished off by the marauders during the night, I realized I was up against formidable challengers. I finally got a clue and started bringing in the food at nightfall – we will see how long it takes for the raccoons to move their raid elsewhere.

Okay, writing that wasn’t so hard. I am sure, dear readers, that you found this post to be full of personality (die-hard cat lover), authentic (soul-baring honesty about loving cats), intellect (outsmarting raccoons) and value (what to do when wildlife plunders your pet food). Until next time, happy blogging to you all!

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