Interesting Facts And Figures On Social Media

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10 intriguing facts and figures about social media

By Kevin Allen | Posted: October 10, 2012


People suffering from Internet Use Disorder should shy away from Facebook.

According to an infographic from creative agency Arrae (featuring statistics form, the social network is the most addicting of all social platforms.

Twitter, meanwhile, continues to grab new customers.

This continued growth and stickiness of social media should give businesses reason to be optimistic, but it’s not all sunshine and lollipops for brands in this space. The infographic says only a third of people follow brands online. That’s about twice what it was in 2010, but there’s still room for growth.

Recently, a Twitter exec said that 88 percent of his platform’s users follow at least one brand.

Oh, and speaking of Twitter, most of its Twitter users are Democrats, reports the infographic. So … there’s that.

Here’s the full infographic:



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