Free PR!

By: PR Buzz

Yes, free PR.  It is an oxymoron in a way, because if you are not paying someone to spearhead PR efforts for you, you are spending time (which equals money) to do PR activities yourself.  However it is correct in the sense that the field of PR does refer to activities that do not include paid media, that is, advertising.

Most PR practitioners would probably bristle at something promising Free PR, but the book I just published does just that.  What I mean is that “121 Ways to Build Buzz and Make Big Bucks” (please see dedicated page on this blog for details) takes the best ideas from big brands and boils them down to ideas that are essentially no cost or low cost to implement.

That is the great thing about the world we live in today.  We have so much available to us that’s essentially free.  It’s like the democratization of marketing, in a sense.  It’s a wonderful time to be an entrepreneur.

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