PR Tip #19

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PR Tip # 19:  Build Your E-Mail Database and Buzz by Holding a Facebook or Twitter Contest

Create a unique contest that relates to your business’s expertise and announce it through your company’s social media platforms. By utilizing those platforms, you will attract followers and media toward your business, creating buzz!  As a part of your contest, collect the names and E-Mail addresses of contestants so they can receive electronic communication with you in exchange. This will build your E-Mail database and create a fan-base for future correspondence. Contest ideas include “Best,” “Worst,” “Makeover,” “Hottest” and so on. Be sure to announce the contest’s beginning and ending dates and select judges. Once you have successfully created buzz surrounding your contest, via social media posts, hold the contest and announce the winner! If applicable, announce the contest winner at a company event.

As an example, the McRae Agency hosted a “Hot Santa” contest in conjunction with an outlet mall, our client. Facebook was utilized to promote and nominate men as “Hot Santas.” We had a local fashion design school create the “Hot Santa” outfits for the men to model and be judged on the day of the event. Thanks to this creative idea, we were able to successfully promote the outlet mall, gain news coverage and build Facebook buzz.

So get thinking and create a contest for your company. And remember: Have fun with it!

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